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  Anyway, people, it’s that time of the year again. Y’know the one where students can stop going to school and they don’t get in trouble with a truant officer. Yep. It is summertime.

  Or close enough, I should say. I still have today and half of tomorrow to worry about. And I’m not sure how frequent my posts will be, but I’ll try to update. I’m not going into driver’s ed, which flat out angered me. Apparently, even though I turn fifteen and a half next month on the 15, the class will be ending on the 22, which is a bit unfair, but whatever.

  I’ll try to update during the summer, so fingers crossed!




Coldplay. Magic. A Sky Full of Stars. I. CANNOT. EVEN. COMPREHEND ANYTHING. AT. THE. MOMENT. My mom watched them perform on SNL, she says they’re too mellow. I could care less. Lauren’s back from band trip. She didn’t buy me anything even though she promised me. Fifteen days until new album. Bye



What is Homestuck, Why you might not have liked it, and Why it may be worth giving another go.



What is Homestuck?

“Let me tell you about Homestuck.” As the meme goes. If you haven’t heard about it, Homestuck is a flash based web comic by Andrew Hussie that is part dark comedy, part coming of age story. It gained a wave of popularity in the last 4 years, with some people getting it, and some not.

There’s a lot to Homestuck. It parodies pop culture and subcultures while sparing no expense. Its references are so well ingrained into the comic that even if they pass over your head, you won’t feel left out.

Now, you should be a nerd, whether it’s in literature, noir, film, theoretical physics, video games, anime, or any subculture like memes and trolls, you have to geek out about pop culture in some way to get it.

There’s a ton of depth to it as well. I won’t even begin to go over how…

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Music for Homestuck, or, what makes people make music?

Music and World

A few years ago, as part of a long, multilayered exercise in procrastination, I happened upon the gargantuan and bizarre webcomic known as Homestuck. Though the comic began as an experiment in which the author, Andrew Hussie, wrote each panel under the direction of his fans writing on the websites forum, it has become much more. Both engaging and frustrating, Hussie’s ambition and scope expands dramatically as the story unfolds–though the comic’s first act consists entirely of the protagonist’s attempt to leave his house, by the fourth act even the salvation of the universe is too limited, as the now enourmous group of characters plan to restore a multitude of universes to balance.

I like the comic a lot, but what really interests me about it is the incredible amount of music which has burst forth under its banner. At the website’s Bandcamp page are no fewer than 24…

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Sitting In a Hospital and some UPDATES

Seems I always am

Don’t worry, it’s not me this time, but my Uncle Ed. He broke his foot and his cast has been rubbing his skin raw and the doctors have to do some random crap about it. I don’t like the doctors at Hastings, but they have wi-fi so I’m confused.

Anyway, school is out because our High School basketball teams (Indians and Lady Indians) are going to state! So yesterday everyone cheered them on as they drove away in the fan bus. Students, parents and teachers all had the privelege of leaving on another fan bus early this morning. If all goes well and a team wins, then no school tomorrow.

  This makes me wonder why the cancelled Good Friday for school because of our snow days. It made me slightly irritated as Oklahoma hasn’t really had a winter in about two years, and now we have one. I should be saying had because now it’s halfway through March.


I’m playing Off by Mortis Ghost, I started the game early yesterday morning and played during class. Still, I’m only at level 5 for the Batter and my Alpha Add-On! Don’t worry I played this before! I got to Zone 3 but ended up confused in the ‘Endless Hallway’

Working on a cosplay and a Lolita dress.

Fangirling about Coldplay’s new album, Ghost Stories out May 19th! So close, yet soooooooo far awaaaaaaaay!

Working on a couple Homestuck Sketches and some Fantrolls.

Editing up a tumblr for myself

Caught up on some sleep.

End of the updates~ Raelie Noel

I apologize for the tags, Lauren attacked me and took my laptop…….Or Did I Muahahahaha >:D